Let’s enable the Web Activities in KaiOS Hosted App

Let’s enable the web activates in simple hosted app, using only JavaScript. with some basic features to get started with building an app from scratch, or tools to port your existing web app.

It contains:

  • Web Activities – lots of examples and use cases

Here Is an example of a Web Activity for firefox Os & KaiOs Devices

in this Java Script We can access the Moz Activities by targeting the section and config

Web activities define a way for applications to delegate an activity to another (usually user-chosen) application.

Web activities are currently enabled on Firefox OS only, and the full specification is available on WikiMo.


Web Activities

An activity is something a user wants to do: pick an image, send an e-mail, etc. App authors may want to define an app that can handle an activity or that can delegate to an activity.

document.getElementById(‘clicked’).addEventListener(‘click’, function(e) {

if(window.MozActivity) {

var act = new MozActivity({

name: “configure”,

data: {

target: “device”,

section: “accessibility-colors”




else {

window.alert(‘Hello World – Task Completed’)


}, false)


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